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Hello, I'm Pullio!

Why hotio?

Oooh, am I glad you asked! Check out my tiny list just a few pixels down. Have you met Pullio already? You'll see more of him when browsing this tiny piece of the interwebz. Enjoy!

What makes us best-in-class

  • Incredibly fast automated updates of upstream apps
  • Automated updates when new upstream images get released
  • Small images, yet packed with sufficient dependencies for your scripts
  • Smoke tested, if the test fails, you don't end up with the mess
  • Containers shut down on failure, giving you control on what to do next
  • 100% open source and built with GitHub Actions, transparency is key
  • Source that allows reproducible builds by you
  • Some images have built-in WireGuard VPN support with no ip leaks
  • Building of pull requests for the majority of *arr apps
  • Smart use of layers to make image updates as fast as possible, reducing downtime
  • Shared base images to further increase fast updates and reduced disk/bandwidth usage
  • Great selection of tags for pre-release or nightly builds, tags by version and commit
  • Build feed on the discord server with gorgeous notifications
  • You take control of your paths, the bare minimum of pre-defined volumes
  • Multiple architectures whenever possible
  • Pushed to, and
  • Most images are available in the Unraid CA store
  • No tracking, not now, not ever! Your privacy is our n° 1 concern

Go check out the rest of our website to see how you can get started with your favorite app. Most images come with docker cli or compose examples. If you've got any questions, feel free to join the discord server. Discord is our main channel to provide support, if you think to have found a bug in one of the images, feel free to create a new issue on GitHub.

If you enjoy the images don't forget to go give us a star on Docker Hub and GitHub. It would mean a lot to us!


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