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Here are the required steps we need to take in order to get a WireGuard conf file with port forwarding enabled.

Changing Service Credentials

First we're going to change the default credentials under Manage Credentials. This step is optional though if you've already done it or wish to keep using the defaults.

TorGuard Credentials

Hit Generate Random Login. After it's done, save the credentials. We'll need them soon.

TorGuard Credentials Generated

Config Generator

We'll generate a new WireGuard config on the Config Generator page. Fill in the details like shown below, use your own server preference.

TorGuard Config Generator

Hit Generate Config. You'll get your config as seen below.

TorGuard Config Generator Output

Test WireGuard Config

You can now use your created conf file and add it to the VPN image per the instructions. When executing the image and all went well you'll see:

[INF] [2024-03-12 07:29:51] [VPN] Performing internet connectivity test...
[INF] [2024-03-12 07:29:51] [VPN] [IPV4] [PING: 25.167 ms] [Amsterdam, NH, The Netherlands] [UK-2 Limited] []

You can skip this step if you want, because later on we'll have to re-generate our conf file anyway. The ip we'll need later on is the WireGuard endpoint ip.

Port Forwarding

Next we'll be getting a forwarded port. Go to Services > My Services.

TorGuard Menu Item Services

Then Manage > Port Forward Request.

TorGuard Menu Item Port Forward

You'll see the below page, fill in the form as shown. You can pick your own port of choice. The ip is the same as shown above in our test, usually also the same as our WireGuard endpoint.

TorGuard Port Forward Request

Hit Submit Request. You'll see the following output if you scroll down.

TorGuard Port Request Status

Re-Generate WireGuard Config

After having requested the port forward, we'll have to re-generate our config. Go to the Config Generator and make sure it's set like below.

TorGuard Config Generator Second

Hit Generate Config. Start the VPN image with the updated conf file and do a port check on YouGetSignal. You'll see that our port is open and ready to receive traffic.

TorGuard YouGetSignal